Why is STRATEGIC financial PLANNING important?

Discover your financial position

Business owners and Managing Directors who haven’t learnt much about accounting often have a limited understanding of how financial analysis can effectively manage their businesses.

Receiving your quarterly or annual financial statements from your regular accountant is normal, but is it the right move? Creating a financial strategy helps you understand what position you are in and what your options look like.

Once you have discovered and quantified your financial position, the correct management approach will come to light, all because you took a step back to take time to plan.

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Understand your goals and objectives

Every business needs goals; it just depends on whether your businesses goals and objectives align with your finances or not. With a working, solidified financial strategy, your business will easily be able to quantify the goals for the near and far future.

Increase revenue, decrease costs, improve margins, decrease working capital. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fully understanding your financial goals, and the only way to do this properly is by utilising a balanced financial strategy.

Why choose businessnav?

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BUSINESSNAV establishes it’s all-important first budgeted Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements to get the company onto the right path. We will establish key assumptions that approximate the ‘price times quantity’ fundamentals of the business to generate key Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet drivers for up to three years.

We also conduct a review of the accounting system structure. Then, a period of modelling and testing of the operating plan will assess the operational validity, business financial plan, and accounting systems, before signing off by the client.

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Strategic Financial Planning

BUSINESSNAV facilitates engaging strategic planning days where you’ll find out a lot about your business that you didn’t know. As a team, develop and prioritise the actions that are going to matter to your company’s future financial success. 

BUSINESSNAV undertakes a review of a client’s cash flow structure and benchmarks against peer listed businesses. Your Advisor will consult with your business as to which companies would be useful benchmarks.

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