BUSINESSNAV seeks to revolutionise the financial services sector with our digital solutions.

Software is at our core

The philosophy behind the BUSINESSNAV is that we seek to develop innovative solutions to the age old accounting and advising process.

To do this, BUSINESSNAV heavily invests in its own digital arm that develops a suite of tools that provide additional analytical ability for the advisors and professional partners, with software created that is positioned towards the general business consumer as well as the professional services market. We seek to revolutionise the financial services sector with our digital solutions.


BUSINESSNAV’s flagship software package CASHFLOWNAV, has provided financial direction to businesses around the world.

By focusing on how to better develop your cash flow through managing all aspects of your business accounts, CASHFLOWNAV caters for cash flow solutions often overlooked by most business owners and many industry professionals. CASHFLOWNAV sets the path to avoid the murky waters of a cash flow shortage, while navigating for growth.
CASHFLOWNAV software includes the following

  • Budgeting tool – allowing the development of complex budgets  
  • Budget vs Actual reporting
  • Scenario tool
  • Cloud support
  • Data importing from all major accounting platforms


Lead, sales number and sales value are entered into MARKETNAV to calculate conversion rates, average value sales and acquisition costs.

MARKETNAV is directly linked to CASHFLOWNAV  Marketing expenses in the Profit & Loss to calculate acquisition costs. Below is the MARKETNAVScenario Tool, you can change the number in any of the cells, click on an up or down arrow and it will recalculate the sales formula.  This makes it a powerful, yet simple tool for planning sales and marketing budgets and setting revenue targets the whole management team can understand.  Up to 10 of these scenarios can be created and then imported into the data entry screen when management has signed off on the numbers.

MARKETNAV includes the following:

  • Custom Sales Channels
  • Scenario Tools
  • Budget vs Actual reporting
  • In depth reporting structure


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