Case Study

Ozbuild Materials

The Situation

OzBuild Materials is a building and construction materials supplier based in Rocklea, Brisbane. OzBuild’s Managing Director, James, has been running this high growth business since 2003, making the BRW Fast 100 in 2008 and 2009. During the Brisbane floods of 2011, OzBuild Materials sustained significant damage setting operations back for that year. Despite the setback, Ozbuild maintained resilience and returned to growth in 2014. Now with the rise of building and construction within Brisbane, there are significant opportunities for increasing sales.


During the last strategic financial planning day prior to the floods in 2011, James was ready to lead his business to its next stage of development. “It was time to sit down with all the staff and start planning ahead. Time to make a plan for the next 3 years moving ahead with the business”. It was important for James to have a new strategic plan in place, a new budget set and have the team on board to drive OzBuild towards its goals, setting target ranges of 12-35% growth over the next 3 years, aiming to double turnover within the forecast period!

We have worked with BUSINESSNAV before. We had spoken about what we needed to do; it was a matter of getting the staff together, proposing our plan and making sure they were all on board.

James Marriott

Managing Director

Ozbuild Materials Car

The Solution

In order to get the best results for his business, James sought the help of BUSINESSNAV to run a strategic planning session. The BUSINESSNAV advisor structured the conversation around where OzBuild was at the present, the direction James wanted Ozbuild to go and the steps for achieving these goals. 

The 4-hour strategic planning session included all of OzBuid’s managers and staff, from all divisions of the business: warehouse, logistics, sales, finance, and admin. Working together, the facilitator encouraged the managers to contribute to the conversation, outlining the challenges facing OzBuild, their current position, where James wanted the business to go, and elicited the necessary actions to achieve these goals.

Thanks to BUSINESSNAV’s facilitation, all the staff contributed to the discussion, now they understand where the business is going in the next 3 years, so we have a good plan moving forward.

James Marriott

Managing Director

The Result

The strategic planning process identified that in order to achieve the 12-35% growth plan, specific action had to be taken around staffing, as the increase in growth would rely on the uptake of additional employees within sales and the warehouse division. Actions and budgeting assumptions were set to accommodate the desired growth, incorporating when in the next couple of years that added labor would be necessary.

Thanks to the insights gained in the strategic planning session, James and the team were set on track and ready to pursue their growth goals. OzBuild’s strengths were identified, management actions created, and the budget was ready to be developed. James was empowered to lead his business into its next stage of growth.

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