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Did you know that only 30 to 40% of businesses listed for sale ever sell?

Our online Listing Directory is a trusted source for Business Owners and Professional Advisors. Enabling you to present and sell their businesses to a range of targeted strategic buyers.

BUSINESSNAV’s exclusive M&A database has delivered thousands of responses from prospective buyers, resulting in over 10 years of successful M&A transactions.

There is a lot of tedious work involved in selling a business – let us take the pressure off. Our team of experts are here to simplify the process and ensure that you maximise your business exit.

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Only a small percentage of businesses available for sale are actually listed. Through our classified Listing Directory, you will gain access to over 5000 businesses looking to sell in the next 1-5 years.

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BUSINESSNAV offers investors a range of opportunities with up-and-coming businesses across a variety of different sectors. By accessing our exclusive online listing directory, you open the doors to endless possibilities for yourself and others.

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