The online flower and gift delivery industry is a competitive one and your digital marketing strategy in the weeks leading up to major sale weeks (like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day) can make or break your month.

Our client gave us one simple task: Increase sales for their international flower e-commerce store.

We were able to deliver great results by increasing their total pay-per-click sales by 609% compared to the same period in 2020.

With what had already been reasonably successful results throughout the Valentine’s Day sale, our client was eager to see a successful outcome for this Mother’s Day.

Where Do You Start When Attempting to Increase Sales?

Like with any good digital marketing strategy, it’s best to start with research and data analysis. The key research points we focussed on were:

  • Results from Valentine’s Day and where the most revenue was made.
  • What did and didn’t work for the 2020 Mother’s Day Sale.
  • What marketing platform has been generating the best return on ad spend.

We found that this business was getting a much better return on ad spend on Google ads than they were on Facebook ads. It was obvious to us that we needed to focus a majority of the budget on Google ads to achieve the clients goal of maximising sales.

It is also worth mentioning that while doing this research we were able to run tests on Facebook ads to find the right social media audience. Creating audiences within the clients Facebook ads will help gain better results with the next major sale they run.

Implementing the Strategy

After auditing the Google ads account and getting budget approval from the client, we had our plan of attack.

  1. Create new Mother’s Day ads within existing Google ad campaigns to increase CTR.
  2. Analyse the target ROAS% and CPA to come up with a suitable bidding strategy.
  3. Pause campaigns that were not converting in previous sales.
  4. Update display ad artwork to suit the Mother’s Day sale.
  5. Implement new budgets.
  6. Create a schedule to make sure this is done on different days for international campaigns.

The Results

We achieved results that exceeded the clients expectations. The campaign was a huge success with a 609% increase in sales and 696% increase in conversion value from pay-per-click.

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2021 vs 2020 – Conversion data for Mother’s Day Google Ads in the flower industry