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Financial Services

Any business owner that wants to grow must understand that it can be a struggle crossing the no man’s land to get to the next stage of their business. Strategic financial planning is essential and BUSINESSNAV, your expert finance consultant is here to guide you through the growth process.


Why is my profitable business having
difficulties in generating cash?

Our answer to this regularly asked question is to not underestimate the importance of the Balance Sheet when assessing your business’s cash flow.

BUSINESSNAV’s ‘5 Financial Must-dos’ provide the experience and expertise to manage and monitor critical balance sheet accounts, enabling companies to unlock and improve a stable cash flow position.


Through strategic financial planning our primary focus is to position for growth, while maintaining stable cash flow. This in-depth financial analysis is often overlooked when planning for organisational growth.


Our financial analysis and management services focus on the profit and loss and balance sheets. Then, applying growth scenarios and plans to the business through CASHFLOWNAV. Developing complex budgets and operating plans will help plan for any foreseeable and ambiguous challenges the company may face.

5-financial services must do




Budgeting and Forecasting

Financial Strategy

Financial Advisory

Accounts processing


“BUSINESSNAV gave us and them confidence that we could grow this business as planned. By early January 2011, we were able to get ourselves back in the black cashflow-wise, without having to draw down on our debtor finance, which had been funding our short-term cash needs.

Jason Smith, Director & Finance Manager, CQ Field Mining Services

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