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CASHFLOWNAV is a mobile application available on Android and iOS devices. The app is built to enable small business owners, advisors, and accountants, to unlock their or their clients cashflow structure. The app aids in determining which cashflow drivers are affecting the operating cashflow position of the business. This information is key in identifying which accounts need tweaking to generate growth through positive cashflows, rather than debt or equity funding. CASHFLOWNAV is currently free but will soon feature a subscription service which will allow users to unlock additional features such as user management, multiple businesses, annualisation and monthly actual/budget data.

What is the CASHFLOWNAV Factor and how does it work?

The CASHFLOWNAV Factor is derived from the cashflows of several key accounts and gives an indication on whether the business is cashflow positive or negative. These accounts, found on the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet statements, reliably determine the general cashflow structure of a business. From these accounts, we can determine the operating CASHFLOWNAV Factor, which is a factor of the business income relative to these cashflows. As an example, a CASHFLOWNAV Factor of 7 would mean that for every $100 the business makes, it generates $7 in cash, which is available for the business to spend on growth. The video below provides a demonstration on the key accounts and how the CASHFLOWNAV Factor is derived.

How can I benefit from the CASHFLOWNAV Factor?

SME owners, advisors and accountants can all benefit from the CASHFLOWNAV Factor. Whether you are a business owner or have clients with their own businesses, the CASHFLOWNAV Factor can help determine the cashflow structure of your business, and aid in identifying where improvements can be made. This methodology simplifies the often-complex nature of cashflow structures, allowing clients and advisors the ability to make active changes and identify key problem areas. CASHFLOWNAV is developed by BUSINESSNAV, specialists in advisory and consultancy around complex cashflow structures in a multitude of industries. Reach out to BUSINESSNAV via the support form below if you wish to know how your CASHFLOWNAV Factor is affecting your business.

What does the Xero integration do?

Integrating with Xero allows CASHFLOWNAV to quickly and easily pull your financial reporting information necessary to make the CASHFLOWNAV Factor calculations. By connecting to Xero, you can automatically pull these key figures, and save time otherwise spent manually entering these numbers from your financial reports. In future iterations, your Xero integration will allow you to connect your organisation to CASHFLOWNAV and import your chart of accounts, as well as monthly data, for a more granular look into your cashflow structure.

What other features are coming to CASHFLOWNAV?

In the Silver subscription tier releasing soon, you will have the ability to:

– Multiple entities – Add multiple businesses or divisions to your CASHFLOWNAV account

– User management – Invite users to join your organisation, create scenarios and import data.

– Budget and forecast data – utilise budget and forecast data in a monthly breakdown.

– Monthly reporting – Import monthly financial data and utilize this in your scenarios.

– Annualisation – make use of incomplete financial years and forecast your CASHFLOWNAV Factor.

Also coming soon:

– Access an advisor – view a directory of local advisors to help you unlock your cashflows.

– Industry comparison – utilise key data to compare your performance to others in the industry.

– Full chart of accounts – determine your cashflow structure with your full chart of accounts.

– Web application – view reports and scenarios in a larger, web-friendly format.

– End-of-month reports and checklists

– + more!


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