How we can help you with buying into a business

Have you been wondering how to buy a business?

BUSINESSNAV’s team of experts are here to help you find and acquire your next opportunity. 


BUSINESSNAV develops a list of targets that focuses on the industries agreed to engage. We will qualify all responders and develop the bona fides of businesses meeting the desired criteria.

This is primarily done by our unique and exclusive CAPITALNAV database, which guarantees your interest won’t go unnoticed.

cashflow is king

Financial capacity

BUSINESSNAV, your trusted business brokers, are available to assist with debt and equity funding to help you with buying into a business through our FINANCENAV and Capital Raising services.

We also provide a vast suite of financial services to help you financially prepare for the best purchase, which we can tailor to your specific situation and circumstance. 


BUSINESSNAV will field targets’ questions and will facilitate site visits, in negotiating the pricing and conditions agreeable to you in a Terms Sheet for the parties to sign, paving the way for access to more sensitive financial, sales and operational information.

Then, once qualified leads have been quantified and assessed, BUSINESSNAV will represent the client business’s interests through the process of contract negotiation and due diligence, through to final settlement.

Buying a business in Australia is no walk in the park… however, when you work with BUSINESSNAV we’ll ensure a smooth acquisition, making sure you find the best opportunity. 

cashflow is king

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