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At BUSINESSNAV, we are experts in cash flow risk management, financial accountancy, digital marketing and mergers & acquistions.

BUSINESSNAV offers a wide array of business consulting services, to provide our clients with expert guidance and advice to secure their cash flow and grow sustainably.

Our advisors work closely with financial analysts and marketing coordinators, using the BUSINESSNAV software suite; to develop and implement effective and actionable strategy.

These are our business consulting services:

Financial Services

Our BUSINESSNAV team are experts in financial consultancy, especially cash flow risk management. BUSINESSNAV is here to guide the owner or manager step-by-step through the growth process & how to manage it sustainably.

DIGITAL Marketing services

We can help put the right plans in place, aid in developing sales and marketing strategies, and set up feedback systems to track what’s working. Along-side this, implement various digital marketing services to help generate, secure and convert leads

Mergers & Acquistions

BUSINESSNAV offers expert advice & guidance through capital dealings. From divestments to acquisitions and capital raising strategy, BUSINESSNAV has you covered.


This is our marque software, designed by accountants, for every business owner. Find out where your cash flow problem begins, and how to fix it.

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