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Financial budgeting and forecasting

What is financial budgeting and forecasting?

Operational Plan

BUSINESSNAV establishes the business’s all-important first budgeted Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements to get your financial planning and budgeting onto the right path.

We conduct an initial discovery meeting between the Advisor and critical staff to establish key assumptions that approximate the ‘price times quantity’ fundamentals of the business to generate essential Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet drivers for up to three years.

We also conduct a review of the accounting system structure. The structure is followed by modelling and testing the operating plan, budget financial report, and accounting systems before signing off by the client.

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Financial Forecasting PLAN

BUSINESSNAV uses their CASHFLOWNAV software to assist businesses to navigate growth and cash flow success.

The Scenario Tool can generate several ‘what-if’ scenarios that management and/or the board can utilise to create the final Budget for the year.

CASHFLOWNAV automatically uploads data from accounting packages, including Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks.

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Periodic Financial Reforecasting

No business budget will be correct 100% of the time. Adopt the habits of successful businesses and be prepared to reforecast your business’s financial position every six months so that when your business experiences performance issues, and/or you experience cash flow problems, your team has time to correct or manage the situation.

BUSINESSNAV is here to navigate your business to growth, we don’t cut corners and neither should you.

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rigid financial processes

BUSINESSNAV prides itself on maximising productivity for its clients by creating and systematising processes. MARKETNAV, CASHFLOWNAV, OPERATIONSNAV, just to name a few systemised software pieces that our FPM team uses for financial planning and budgeting.

This ensures that the highest quality of financial planning and budgeting is implemented to suit the specific client’s needs. BUSINESSNAV are the financial consultants that you can trust.

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