BUSINESSNAV offers a specialist advisory service for every level of a business. Our advisors work closely with financial and marketing analysts, using the high quality data from the BUSINESSNAV software suite; so effective and actionable strategy can be developed and implemented.


BUSINESSNAV offers the Financial Performance Management service, to take the owner or manager step-by-step through the growth process.


We can help put the right plans in place, aid development of sales and marketing strategy and setup feedback systems to track what’s working.


BUSINESSNAV will help review your Corporate Governance structures, on a regular basis to ensure compliance and risk management.

Financial Performance Management

Any business owner that wants to grow must understand that it can be a struggle crossing the no man’s land to get to the next stage of their business. Planning is essential, so BUSINESSNAV offers the Financial Performance Management service, to take the owner or manager step-by-step through the growth process.

The main focus of the financial performance management service is to position for growth while maintaining a stable cash position, which is often overlooked when planning for organisational growth.

This service focuses on the management of profit and loss and balance sheets, applying growth scenarios and plans to the business through CASHFLOWNAV, developing complex budgets and operating plans so as to be prepared for the foreseeable and ambiguous challenges facing the business.

FPM Provides:

  • In depth analysis of your current financial position
  • Strategic sessions to set the growth targets, and ensuring those targets are sustainable from a cash position
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Identify areas where cash flow can improve
  • Hold regular review processes to ensure the client stays on track with their budget against actual performance
  • Develop financing solutions

Revenue Performance Management

A business would not exist without sales, and good sales results come out of having working marketing strategies.

It can often be difficult for business owners to track the success of each marketing activity, and when not done can lead to problems when calculating return on investment and the success of each activity. BUSINESSNAV ensures the right plans are put in place, aiding the development of sales and marketing strategy, putting and providing feedback systems to track what’s working.

The revenue performance management serviced allows for BUSINESSNAV advisors to aid their clients in sales and marketing. The advisors will make sure the sales-driven cash flow position of the business is being adequately reviewed and managed, and those strategies for improvement in conversion rate, average value of sales, and marketing return-on-investment are being identified and actioned. The advisor will also aid in the development of additional marketing and sales strategies, implementing them in monthly meetings.

BUSINESSNAV‘s MARKETNAV application is used to develop up to three years’ Budgeted marketing activity plans. A number of ‘what-if’ scenarios using Scenario Tool can be created from with the management and/or board can chose in arriving at its final Budget for the year. Scenario Tool can further be used to develop ‘stress test’ scenarios to be used in conjunction with CASHFLOWNAV financial forecasting.

RPM delivers:

  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Discovery of who your ideal customer is
  • Development of your marketing mix
  • Analysis of external and internal industry/organisational factors driving revenue
  • Systematic tracking of sales and marketing metrics

Corporate Governance

BUSINESSNAV clients who have developed sustainable Financial Performance and Revenue Performance Management models are encouraged to progress to developing their Corporate Governance profile.

On an annual/semi-annual basis a BUSINESSNAV advisor, and/or specialist Corporate Governance advisor is available to review the company’s Corporate Governance structures. As with the Advisory Group Ready program, the review will cover significant components including, Board performance evaluation; Corporate Risk Review; Strategic Plan update; Compliance and Reporting review; Meeting Process review; Company Secretarial review.

Corporate governance includes:

  • Getting your directors advisory board ready
  • Risk/Resource assessment
  • Compliance training
  • Board governance policy
  • Succession planning


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