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Navigate your cashflow to growth

BUSINESSNAV provides the tools and advisory services to help gain a real understanding of your business, where it’s headed and how to manage cashflow to get there.

What we’re known for


BUSINESSNAV provides a range of advisory tools. From digital marketing to financial consultancy, BUSINESSNAV has you covered.

BUSINESSNAV processes & operations also ensure that you get the most out of every dollar and that the future is always looking bright.


BUSINESSNAV produces a range of online tools to help you manage your business.

CASHFLOWNAV & MARKETNAV were created to automise time-consuming processes and maximise efficiency.


BUSINESSNAV Capital assists private enterprises in acquisitions, merges, divestment, and offers capital raising services.

Our “smarts” is our people

At BUSINESSNAV, we are experts in helping businesses improve their financial position, grow with marketing efforts, and create sustainable business strategies. BUSINESSNAV are masters in curating relationships with banks & 3rd-party businesses. We have over 10 years’ experience in developing highly functional online tools to aid our clients in Australia and overseas.

At the heart of BUSINESSNAV’s financial advisory, the CASHFLOWNAV Factor is an index calculation of a business’s operating cash flow, this is central to all business success and banker-to-client understanding.

BUSINESSNAV seeks to provide their advisors with the tools to give clients high-quality advice, supported with in-house software solutions, which provide value and save time in the strategic process.

On top of that, the team at BUSINESSNAV all live very active & busy lives, allowing for empathy & understanding to flow between our client relationships. 

BUSINESSNAV helps business owners and managers navigate for growth.

Our Services

BUSINESSNAV provides a suite of services to help your business understand its financial situation and then grow sustainably. We’re focused on cashflow and operations so that you can concentrate on everything else.

Financial Performance Management

Financial Performance Management focuses on cashflow structures, using a metric we developed called CASHFLOWNAV Factor, so that businesses don’t run out of cash when chasing growth. 

Using operating & financial plans, BUSINESSNAV arranges debt/equity funding, track performance to actuals monthly/quarterly, and more importantly, reverse engineer how many Leads a business needs to generate from its marketing activities to hit its sales – profit – cashflow targets.  That process  we call MARKETNAV.

Revenue Performance Management

BUSINESSNAV’s marketing services are coined under Revenue Performance Management. This is because BUSINESSNAV takes a quantifiable approach to lead generation and conversion implementing systems and processes such as MARKETNAV and Marketing Metrics. BUSINESSNAV has a wide array of digital marketing offerings, all of which can be tailored to suit your demands. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

BUSINESSNAV specialises in capital dealings through BUSINESSNAV Capital. 

1. BUSINESSNAV Capital has a hands-on approach that aims to humanise the divestment process, by eliminating common divestment pitfalls owners face without professional engagement.

2. BUSINESSNAV Capital can assist private enterprises in the acquisition of businesses across a broad range of industries, by accessing available databases to help identify potential acquisition targets based on your business objectives.

3. BUSINESSNAV Capital advises businesses on the requirements needed to secure the necessary capital to achieve their business objectives through the development of a transaction strategy.


Our marque software, CASHFLOWNAV provides insights that you never thought possible. We’ll make sure you don’t go broke making money (which is easier than you’d think!).

What People Are Saying

The financial stimulation from BUSINESSNAV made me understand that we didn’t have to make massive changes in our business. It did however identify the one-percenters that could dramatically improve or cash flow.

Craig Percival

Managing Director, Woollam Constructions